L & L Creations

              Creating For You!


    Sharon and Kierra Linen (Linen & Linen Creations) are a mother/daughter innovative team with a mission to help create a Better....Smarter....more Efficient world. Each invention idea stems from personal experience and the desire to make life and the daily routines entailed easier and more practical for YOU, the Inventors themselves, their families, and countless others.

    L & L has teamed up for the development of these invention ideas with Pelagic Design Engineering and Idea Design Studio. Together they used their collaborative experiences to transform these ideas into marketable platforms.

These inventions are currently available for sale or licensing. If you would like further information or are interested in investing or licensing any of these products, please use the contact information provided. We currently present inventions that  have already been awarded a patent and those that are patent pending with the USPTO.

Linen & Linen Creations....CREATES FOR YOU!