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How Does it Work?

Mrs. Linen has been designing and putting the concept down on paper for quite some time.  She has several “mock-up” drawings of this invention. These preliminary sketches allowed the inventor to visualize the device for engineering purposes, which ultimately led to the 3D model development process.  Consequently, this has allowed Mrs. Linen to get a sense of what the concept could look like if mass production came to fruition.  This is beneficial for making any necessary modifications and revisions for improvements; thus, promoting a more satisfactory, beneficial, and overall accommodating product.

As currently designed in the Technical Drawings and 3D models, the invention is a simple machine that improves upon conventional key storage units.  This device comprises the plurality of an outer chassis constructed out of durable plastic or thin, light metal and a series of sliding mechanisms for transporting said keys in and out of the device on respected tracks.  To insert the keys into unit, a hinged door at the front can be opened to provide easy access and installation.  Once opened, the individual Key Case Holders receive the keys within, followed by the covering of the Key Case Caps over both the key and the holder. This now completes the necessary installment procedure for optimum usage and functionality. 

The key case cap includes a tab that protrudes out of the unit once it has been closed and secured.  These tabs allow for the sliding mechanisms of the keys to be engaged and manually activated.  With a push of a finger, the user can slide the tab up; thus, transporting the desired key up and outside of the unit. (note: just the teeth portion of the key is dispensed while the “head” stays contained and secured within).

Certain novel features and components of this invention are disclosed in detail in order to make the invention clear in at least one form thereof.  However, it is to be clearly understood that the invention as disclosed is not necessarily limited to the exact form and details as disclosed, since it is apparent that various modifications and changes may be made without departing from the core of the invention

What is the Concept?

The name of the concept Mrs. Linen has chosen is the L & L Smart Key Holder, named after her and her daughter; hence, the two L’s for Linen and Linen.  The inventor could be open to the possibility of a name change from interested parties seeking to license the idea from her and therefore, would invest into the mass production of the device and subsequent consumer level developments.  Considering Mrs. Linen is the sole inventor, she reserves final approval regarding the official name. Branding is important, of course, but the concept is the official foundation for the invention and any forthcoming applications to the invention.

The invention is a device that holds a multitude of keys for secure storage and convenient retrieval.  Objectively, the keys can slide up and down, or in and out, individually when needed. Details of this functionality will be elaborated on in the segment How Does it Work.

 It is important to understand that this is just the base model, which holds up to six different keys, but alternate models are subject to change this amount and could quite possibly house more or less along with optional features such as an alarm.  Features included in the current design are a flashlight and laser pointer; thus, making the device not only convenient in the daytime, but at night as well.  Attempting to unlock a door, be it an automobile, house or shed outdoors at night, or even indoors in the dark, can be very challenging and disconcerting for the person involved.  This undesirable process usually entails fumbling through a host of keys affixed to a keychain/ring and tentatively poking at the lock blindly, while rotating each key to make sure it engages the receptacle the correct way.  Having a light and laser pointer combines all the essentials for the task-at-hand, into an all-in-one, multipurpose device.

Inventor Profile

As most inventions these days are modifications or enhancements to existing ideas, Sharon Linen presents herself as an innovative woman residing in the U.S.A. with just this sort of concept. In this effort, Sharon proposes a unique idea that improves upon existing methods for carrying keys. Her idea stems from personal experience and the desire to make life and the daily routines entailed easier and more practical for herself, her family, and countless others. Innovative evolutions like this are due to perpetual new technologies that allow for older products/concepts to be revamped for improvements and sold/licensed to interested parties. With that in mind, the inventor proposes a device that will house and accommodate several keys to make “looking for the right key”, much more efficient and effective.

This idea dawned on Mrs. Linen from the inconvenience of carrying around “what seems to be a million keys on my key ring. It always seems to take forever to locate the one I need at that very moment, and it’s noisy, bulky and unorganized! Furthermore, I always see many other people struggling with the same problem”. After a little thought and brainstorming, she derived the present concept, and the development process began.

Mrs. Linen has teamed up for the development of this project with Idea Design Studio, and together, they used their collaborative experience to transform this idea into a marketable platform. The inventor passionately feels pride about this concept and feels it deserves immediate attention. Considering she has subjective experience with her concept, she understands the product and the process entailed, and ultimately, the market(s) that would benefit from its development and production.

This invention currently is available for sale or licensing. If you would like further information about this product or you are interested in investing or licensing this product, please use the contact information provided. The invention currently is patent pending with the USPTO



What Problem Does it Solve?

Provides a convenient, ALL-IN-ONE, multipurpose device for storing keys and accessing them with ease
Light and laser pointer included for optimum use in dark environments
Eliminates unnecessary hassle of fumbling around with multiple keys on a conventional ring
Time saver-negates the time spent looking for the right key
Consumers seem to love new gadgets and more options that can make their life simpler-and more options appeal to more people!
Efficient, practical and keys can be inserted/removed quickly and easily


Materials for Construction

The cost of materials and actual materials used will depend on quantity manufactured and the buyer of this idea/licensor. Introductory retail price and sustaining price to be determined by amount of quantity manufactured, actual cost of manufacturing, advertising methods used and packaging materials. All to be determined by an interested licensing company that would decide those factors. As particular models or sizes expand, the invention can be morphed or corrected for improvement. The inventor understands that company feedback, especially from knowledgeable sources, is a great way to improve on the product for future market potential. Exact measurements/dimensions are determined but are subject to subsequent changes that may enhance the product.


The inventor wants to leave the market open for subsequent variances and possibilities that could improve the feasibility and marketability of this product, such as various designs, optional colors or styles to suit user preference and home/business décor. Presently, the base colors are Silver, Black, Royal Blue and Burgundy. Alternate models could comprise smaller/shorter Key Case Holders to suit relevant keys. Customizing and personalization with photos and images utilizing the “skin” technology would also optimize sales and demand.

People have always been intrigued by new gadgets and handy little accessories that can help them achieve their desired task-at-hand a little more efficiently or quicker and easier. Most people also love having more options and choices; it alleviates confinements and barriers. With that notion in mind, Mrs. Linen provides such a concept and envisions it appealing to the masses, especially automobile owners, homeowners and businesses globally. Furthermore, the convenience and practicality of this device would appeal to those with physical limitations and impairments, such as the blind or those with arthritis.

The invention could be marketed to relevant licensing companies such as Rubbermaid, Visionary Innovations, Thane Int, Evriholder, Lifetime Brands , As Seen on TV and many more. Moreover, large superstores and home improvement retailers such as Target, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Wal-Mart and Kmart would be logical venues as well.