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Inventor Profile

As most inventions these days are modifications or enhancements to existing ideas, Sharon and Kierra Linen present themselves as innovative women residing in the U.S.A. with just this sort of concept. In this effort, L & L proposes a unique idea that improves upon existing methods of tackling those hard to reach areas during a shower or bath. Their idea stem from personal experiences and the desire to make life and the daily routines entailed easier and more practical for themselves, their family, and countless others. Innovative evolutions like this are due to perpetual new technologies that allow for older products/concepts to be revamped for improvements and sold/licensed to interested parties.

 This invention currently is available for sale or licensing. If you would like further information about this product or you are interested in investing or licensing this product, please use the contact information provided. The invention currently is patent pending with the USPTO

What Is The Concept?

The title chosen for the invention is Flexible Scrubbing Bath Towels. There are three sizes (SM, MED, & LG) for added convenience and options. Each towel is cleverly designed with a detachable, flexible Brush Bed and bristles that are skin friendly, yet effective. The Large towel is equipped with two sets of handles on both front and back for optimum control in the shower. It is specifically designed for those hard to reach areas to thoroughly clean the body.

Materials Used

The Flexible Scrubbing Bath Towels allow manufacturers and consumers to choose between a soft Terri Cloth  and durable vinyl/plastic model. The cost of materials and actual materials used will depend on quantity manufactured and the Buyer or Licensee of this idea. Introductory retail price and sustaining price to be determined by amount of quantity manufactured, actual cost of manufacturing, advertising methods used and packaging materials. All to be determined by an interested licensing company that would decide those factors. As particular models or sizes expand, the invention can be morphed or corrected for improvement.
Click Links For Technical Drawings                Large Towel                        Medium Towel                    Small Towel

The inventors understand that company feedback, especially from knowledgeable sources, is a great way to improve on the product for future market potential. Exact measurements/dimensions are determined but are subject to subsequent changes that may enhance the product.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Great for the elderly
  • Great for those with back or leg problems
  • Great for those with limited range of motion
  • Eliminates excessive twisting or contortion of the body due to those hard to reach areas, i.e. feet, back, between toes, behind the legs, and more.
  • More user friendly than the traditional "brush on a stick" concept which can be quite awkward when trying to reach certain areas on the body.
  • Brush Bed is flexible so as to curve or conform to body.
  • Soft Bristles - Gentle on skin while still able to effectively clean and exfoliate.
  • Able to be used effectively with or without brush.
  • Two convenient grab/hold areas to accommodate various arm lengths and desired reachable lengths.
  • Lightweight - Not bulky or heavy when wet - Dries easily
  • Brush Bed removes effortlessly from towel before laundry.
  • Acts as an excellent backscratcher.
  • Bristles clean easily with a simple rinse.

The Medium and Small towels compliment the Large towel while offering more options for a better cleansing experience in both the shower and bath . Small towel also offers a convenient slip pocket for hand on reversed side allowing for better gripping.



The inventor wants to leave the market open for subsequent variances and possibilities that could improve the feasibility and marketability of this product, such as various designs, optional colors or styles to suit user preference and home/business décor

The invention could be marketed to relevant licensing companies such as Visionary Innovations, Henkel Innovation, Thane Int, Lifetime Brands , As Seen on TV and many more. Moreover, large superstores and home improvement retailers such as Target, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Macy's, Sears, JC Penny's, Wal-Mart and Kmart would be logical venues as well.