What is the Concept?

The inventors have been designing and putting the concept down on paper for quite some time. They have several “mock-up” drawings of this invention. These preliminary sketches and designs have allowed the inventors to get a sense of what the concept would look like if brought into production. This is beneficial for making any necessary modifications and revisions for improvements; thus, providing a more satisfactory, comfortable, and overall accommodating product.

The name chosen for the concept is Smartie Potties. The objective of this idea is to provide both parents and children with a more fashionable way to potty train and a product that will outlive the potty training phase. The concept is essentially a potty training station that can be used for in a variety of ways as a desk, a chair, an eating space, or as a stepping stool. Smartie Potties is a fun design that is practical. Rather than having several different items taking up precious space in the home, Smartie Potties will give children a multitude of options for fun and function. The design is easily converted with removable pieces that are a snap to take on and off. Imagine children finishing their potty training but still being able to utilize their “first potty” for years to come in the play-room or family-room.

The concept is the official foundation for the invention and any forthcoming applications to the invention. The inventors welcome additional feedback on slogans/tag lines but currently want to incorporate the phrase “Think Smart!” into their branding campaign.​

Inventor Profile

Sharon and Kierra Linen are innovators from the United States currently residing in Charleston, South Carolina. The inventors have teamed up for the development of a great new product that improves upon the existing potty used by most children for training. Sharon was first inspired to create this product when her son graduated from his first potty to the “big boy” toilet. She was reluctant to dispose of his first potty for sentimental reasons, but hated to see it taking up space in her bathroom. She wished he could get more use from it and did not want to see one his “big firsts” leave the house. Later with the help of Kierra, Sharon designed a training potty with several functions that wouldn’t have to be thrown away as soon as training was over.

The inventors have joined forces with Idea Design Studio and Pelagic Design Engineering. Together they have designed a one of a kind potty training “desk” where kids can play and eat long after potty training is over. Since this topic is subjective to the inventors, they feel strongly that it is special and deserves immediate attention. More importantly, the inventors have an understanding of the market and the other users that will find this product beneficial.

This invention currently is available for sale or licensing. If you would like further information about this product or you are interested in investing or licensing this product, please use the contact information provided. The invention is patent protected with the USPTO


How Does it Work?

Smartie Potties is a totally unique concept that will be beneficial for both parents and children. The design includes a standard potty training base with a removable container on the underside for easy clean-up. The seat has a cushion and a flip top seat cover which acts as a lid to cover the toilet portion when potty-training is not underway. The seat is also outfitted with a removable, high, “desk-like” backrest and a removable desktop for activities such as drawing or eating. All pieces are extremely convenient to transform and remove. To remove the desktop and backrest, a button could be manually pushed or activated to "release" the mechanism engaging the said assembly unit (desk or backrest). As currently designed in the 3D stages of development, the backrest is affixed to the rear pockets of the pants portion of the device. Should the user opt to remove this component, the pockets actually slide out of the main chassis, like a tongue and groove assembly. To fill the void where the pockets were, two separate pocket units slide into the holes until they engage the locking mechanism within; thus, making the device aesthetically pleasing while the backrest in detached.

The Smartie Potties design is meant to be an all-in-one potty trainer and play station for children. Parents will also save money and extra space in the house with this multi-functional product. This product will be great in homes but can also be used in schools, daycares, and even hospitals as well. The design is sure to become a favorite among children and adults as a fun and easy potty training alternative.

Smartie Potties are easily the cutest potty-trainers out there with cute trouser bottoms and suspenders to match as well. Even a sweet pair of feet stick out from the pants! Small details such as buttons, bows, and buckles set this product apart from any other. Smartie Potties are available in two color designs for boys and girls. Girls will have a feminine pink and white design all the way down to the ribbons and bows while boys will enjoy a more masculine red, blue, and yellow color scheme similar to the fire-trucks and race-cars they love!

Certain novel features and components of this invention are disclosed in detail in order to make the invention clear in at least one form thereof.  However, it is to be clearly understood that the invention as disclosed is not necessarily limited to the exact form and details as disclosed, since it is apparent that various modifications and changes may be made without departing from the core of the invention.

L & L Creations

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What Problem Does it Solve?

Great design provides easy clean up and transformation. All accessories can be removed simply and reattached with ease
Designed to double as a desktop, eating station, chair, or simply a stepping stool. The product can stay in the home for years and will offer the parents longevity in their purchase and memories
Fun design is sure to be a favorite for kids with perfect details and attractive color schemes that are unique and special
Saves money on extra expenditures and a space saver in the home as well


Materials for Construction

The cost of materials and actual materials used will depend on quantity manufactured and the buyer of this idea/licensor. Introductory retail price and sustaining price to be determined by amount of quantity manufactured, actual cost of manufacturing, advertising methods used and packaging materials. All to be determined by an interested licensing company that would decide those factors. As particular models or sizes expand, the invention can be morphed or corrected for improvement. The inventor understands that company feedback, especially from knowledgeable sources, is a great way to improve on the product for future market potential. Exact measurements/dimensions are determined but are subject to subsequent changes that may enhance the product.


Smartie Potties will offer parents and a better way to take care of their children’s potty training needs. Kids will be having fun while they potty train on their totally tricked out potty desk! As aforementioned, this product can also in daycare settings, schools, and even hospitals. Relevant licensing companies for this product include names such as Fisher Price, Playskool, Step-2 Children, Dex Baby, Safety 1st, and One Step Ahead. The product could be mass produced and sold in national retailers such as Babies-R-Us, Wal-Mart, and Target.

This invention can be utilized domestically in the inventor’s home nation of the United States and North America.  This invention and the inventors’ knowledge of the process can also be applied in other areas of the world including, but not limited to:  Europe, Asia, Australia/New Zealand, Africa, South America, and any environments where this concept could be used.